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Clients since July 2006
UNDP and NEC clients welcomed on location by KMF producer Matthew Robinson
UNDP and NEC clients welcomed on location by KMF producer Matthew Robinson
- Amrita Performing Arts
- Asia Foundation
- BBC World Service Trust
- Brand Solutions
- British Embassy, Phnom Penh
- Cambodian Living Arts
- Care International
- Caritas International
- Cellcard (Mobitel)
- Clear Cambodia, Phnom Penh
- CSD (Centre for Social Development)
- CLEC (Community Legal Education Centre)
- CTN (Cambodian Television Network)
- DAI (Development Alternatives Inc)
- Dell Computers
- Draft Advertising
- ECCC (Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia)
- Epic Arts
- Fast Forward
- FHI (Family Health International)
- French Cultural Centre
- French Embassy, Phnom Penh
- GTZ (German Technical Cooperation)
- Handicap International, Cambodia
- IRD (International Relief & Development)
- IRI (International Republican Institute)
- Karol & Setha, Maryknoll, Phnom Penh
- Metlaor Corp, Phnom Penh
- MyTV
- NCHADS (National Centre HIV/AIDS Dermatology, STDs)
- NEC (National Election Committee)
- OSJI (Open Society Justice Initiative)
- Phnom Penh Beer
- Phnom Penh Municipality
- Quantum Clothing
- Roomchang Dental Clinic
- TV3
- UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)
- US Embassy, Phnom Penh
- Vattanac Bank
- Watershed, Phnom Penh
- Wings Micro-Finance
- World Education
- Y.L.P. Group

- Al Jazeera TV, Qatar
- Annie Leibowitz Studio, New York, USA
- Asian Development Bank, Philippines
- Bajan Vista Productions, Arizona, USA
- BBC Television, London, UK
- Beam TV, London, UK
- Believe Media (for Mastercard), London, UK
- Chutzpa Productions, Toronto, Canada
- Conservation Leadership Programme, Cambridge, UK
- Corra Films, New York, USA
- Dream for Darfur, New York, USA
- East-West Centre, Hawaii
- Fatman Films, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
- FIA Foundation, UK
- Hill Films, Berlin, Germany
- Hoover Institution, Stanford, USA
- i2Si, Colorado, USA
- Large Blue Productions, London, UK
- Living Films, Thailand
- Marcanterra, France
- Mill Valley Film Group, San Francisco, USA
- MTV, Thailand & Europe
- Pilgrim Films & TV, Los Angeles, USA
- Pritchard Productions, London, UK
- Ritchy & Phil Band, Paris, France
- Screenbox Productions, Singapore
- Silo Collective, Australia
- Sitting-in-Pictures, Singapore
- The Eyes TV Production, Vancouver, Canada
- United States Pharmacopeia, Thailand
- Upside Down Concepts, Singapore
- USAID, Washington, USA
- VCSS (Reuters), Cairo, Egypt
- VSlim Coffee, Thailand
- War Crimes Studies Centre, Berkeley, USA
- Winds of Angkor, UK
- World Bank, Washington, USA
- World Relief, USA
- Worldwide Documentaries Inc, New York, USA
Values•  commitment to clients’ needs
•  giving clients value for money
•  welcoming clients’ feedback
•  quality in everything we do
•  reliability in everything we do
•  clarity in everything we do
•  training and capacity-building
•  giving staff opportunities
•  giving staff responsibilities
•  building Cambodia's media industry
KMF team shooting a BBC-NEC-UNDP documentary
KMF team shooting a BBC-NEC-UNDP documentary
"Vanished (KMF's 2nd movie) pristine, technically accomplished, international standard, rosy prospects"
Richard Kuipers
'Variety' magazine, Hollywood, USA

"Your TV interpretation of Where Elephants Weep is brilliant. I was completely blown away. Thank you with all my heart for your magnificent contribution."
John Burt
Executive Director - 'Where Elephants Weep'

"AirWaves is an astonishingly good show. KMF has done a wonderful job in crafting this story, and developing such a rich cast of characters."
Roy Schmadeka
CEO, Impact International Solutions, Colorado, USA

"We were very happy with the KMF team in Cambodia. It was a pleasure working with you."
Beth Jenkins
Annie Leibowitz Studios, New York, USA

"The support KMF provided during our Cambodian filming was critical to our goals. World Relief is deeply appreciative of your gracious hosting and professional services."
Don Golden
Senior Vice President, World Relief, Baltimore, USA

"Facing the Truth is a very powerful drama that will lead many Cambodian women AND their husbands to be tested for HIV."
Tom Heller
Coordinator, US CDC—Global

"Three words for KMF's contribution to our Cambodian filming - Quite Simply Awesome."
Mark Maranaccio
Producer, Pilgrim Films & TV, Los Angeles, US

"Episodes 1 and 2 are fantastic. The work is really great and the standard very high."
Jane Martin
Family Health International, Cambodia

"The KMF production team at our Mastercard commercial shoot in Siem Reap was so professional, the standard of service as high as any we’ve had, anywhere in the world."
Marcus Love
Believe Media, UK

"I’m very happy with the KMF’s shooting and editing. Truly excellent."
Karlina Lyons
World Education, Boston, USA

"I saw our TV transmission on Sunday - excellent. Congratulations on another milestone of this marvellous film."
David Reader
British Ambassador, Phnom Penh

"Your great result is confirmed by the feedback from Cambodians and also my colleagues! I want us to do another project together towards the end of the year."
Monika Lueke
GTZ Country Director, Phnom Penh

"Epic Arts is proud to have partnered KMF in the making of this film. We are very impressed with KMF's high level of professionalism."
Hannah Stevens

"Thanks for your quality service. I look forward to continuing our well-established working relationship."
Aamir Arain
UNDP, Cambodia

"KMF provided us with a completely smooth and seamless operation. Most impressive."
Tom Dusenbery
Mill Valley Film Group, California, USA

"Congratulations KMF! Fabulous work and extremely exciting!"
Michelle Staggs
East-West Center, Hawaii

"I just want to reconfirm that KMF is our everlasting production partner in Cambodia."
Socheata Kong
World Education, Cambodia

"Great team work. Very happy with the finished film."
Helmi Ali
Upside Down Concepts, Singapore

"Our staff and the Minister watched the movie in Khmer this morning. Everyone echoed my praise for KMF's excellent translation."
Theary Seng
Director - CSD (Center for Social Democracy)

"I was impressed with the quality of your film work and the clarity of the text, complex information presented in an easy-to-understand way. Congratulations on a job well done."
Lillian Shimoda
East West Center, Hawaii
Taste of Life staff on the site of the purpose-built set with producer Matthew Robinson
Taste of Life staff on the purpose-built set with producer Matthew Robinson

KMF evolved from a Khmer production team assembled and trained by the BBC.

In 2003 the UK Government funded a 100-episode TV drama to broadcast messages about HIV and Mother-and-Child health to Cambodians. The BBC, managing the project, hired a British TV veteran, Matthew Robinson, to create and produce it.

The local directors, writers, production staff, editors and actors were trained by experienced British TV consultants, hired during the year before shooting began.

The show, Taste of Life, a hospital drama - soon dubbed “Khmer ER”, was an instant success, airing on TV5, at that time Cambodia’s main entertainment station, and repeated on the state channel, TVK.

Its entertaining storytelling and high production values achieved huge audiences:
up to 55% of the country's population tuned in.

The project ended in March 2006. Matthew Robinson, rather than return to the UK, invited Taste of Life staff to join a production company set up with British consultants, Bill Broomfield and Christopher Moss.

Khmer Mekong Films’ ambitions were two-fold: quality feature films for the local cinema circuit and spots, documentaries and information films for Cambodian and international clients.

KMF opened for business in July 2006.

(More on Taste of Life at BBC TV, British Medical Journal, CBC, Associated Press )
Consultants Chris Moss and Bill Broomfield train the Taste of Life staff
Chris Moss and Bill Broomfield, British TV experts, train Taste of Life staff
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