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Vattanac Bank  
Vattanac Bank is one of Cambodia’s most modern and dynamic banks.

After 5 years of spectacular growth, Vattanac commissioned KMF to make a 10-minute celebratory film. The concept told the bank's story through the eyes of three typical customers and three typical staff. It was narrated by Vattanac’s President, Madam Chhun Leang.

Shown to 500 guests, customers, staff and Phnom Penh VIPS at a gala dinner in November 2007, it then ran nightly on a major Phnom Penh TV cable channel for a month and now entertains customers waiting for service in Vattanac's foyer.

Vattanac also hired KMF to make a special video of the gala evening. The 4-camera shoot yielded two versions: one at 40 minutes for Cambodian use and another at 20 minutes for Cartier of Singapore who had presented a collection of fine jewelry at the occasion.

Two-camera shooting at Vattanac Bank board meeting

Millan, Samnang and Tom team up at Lucky Market

Tracking delivery of cash machine to Lucky Market
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