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Saving Seca Asia Foundation TV drama  
‘Saving Seca', a 40-minute TV drama was commissioned from KMF by one of America’s largest NGO’s, the Asia Foundation.

Based on the story of Seca, trafficked into prostitution, the project has become a major educational tool for Cambodian police and social workers.

The main aim was behaviour change, encouraging officers to see girls sold into the sex trade as 'victims' and not 'participants'.

A specific example: police actions against brothels and massage parlours are now known as 'rescues', not 'raids'.

The film illustrated how the tough hand of the law needs to be delicately gloved when dealing with this problem.

‘Saving Seca’ is now being shown in Outreach programmes across the country to hundreds of police officers and social workers.

Writer, Anji Loman Field
Director, Tom Som
Editor, Sao Yoeun
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