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Chum Chan Dorn, KMF's 1st Assistant Director, checks out the MyTV Reality TV show set at Phnom Penh's Chenla Theatre - 1 Feb 2009
KMF producer, Chum Chan Dorn, checks reality at Chenla Theatre
MyTV, a new Cambodian television channel aimed at the burgeoning youth market, was launched in January 2009 by the country's top TV broadcaster, CTN.

The programming pillar soon became Cellcard Star, a six-day-a-week reality show in which 12 young Cambodian wanna-be-stars competed to win a prestigious singing contest.

CTN engaged KMF as production consultant for the 3-month run to enhance the show with strong narrative drive and popular appeal.

Cellcard Star Series 2 is now in production (January - March 2010) with KMF as producer.
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