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Dream for Darfur  
"Dream for Darfur" is a US charity supporting Darfur genocide victims.

Founded by legendary Hollywood star Mia Farrow (Rosemary’s Baby, The Great Gatsby, Angela Mooney), the charity hired KMF to film the Cambodian leg of its world-wide tour.

Directors Tom Som and Choun Samnang, working in tandem with hard-disk JVCs, covered controversial action at Toul Sleng museum when the organizers, led by Mia Farrow, were refused entrance by a phalanx of police. But they had paid a private visit to the former torture prison the day before.

Samnang and Tom shot six hours of hi-def material to be cut into a major “Dream for Darfur” documentary in New York in February.

Tom Som stealing a march on Mia Farrow

Directors Samnang and Tom working in tandem

Tom covering Mia's private visit to Toul Sleng
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