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German film crew use KMF production offices in a documentary about a Cambodian girl attempting to trace her long-lost mother
Friday 16 July 2010

KMF provides filming and production facilities for international crews working in Cambodia
KMF's assistant producer, Sok Sopheach (right), takes an unexpected starring role in visiting German film crew's documentary
Friday 16 July 2010

KMF's Chin Puthea Poa, at 19 the world's youngest set designer, stands in front of his masterpiece for CTN's Entertainment Tonight on relaunch night
Saturday 6 February 2010

KMF Pay Day
Monday 1 February 2010

KMF team (Millan Lov, Thorn Leakhena, Tom Som, San Kayurdi) attend the launch of the Cambodian International Film Festival in Phnom Penh
Friday 29 January 2010

KMF's TV sketch show Upside Down, shot mostly on Phnom Penh's sidewalks, always attracts large local crowds
Monday 9 November 2009

Behind the scenes of You're The Star, a 13-part entertainment show created and produced by KMF for CTN, Cambodia's leading broadcaster
Tuesday 13 October 2009

Meun Vanna, camera, & Kim An Arun, continuity, (right) suggest enhancements for videos created by a You're The Star star in Battambang
Wednesday 19 August 2009

Chuon Samnang directs a discussion segment of Duch on Trial, a weekly TV summary of the Khmer Rouge trials, at CTN's Russey Keo studios
Saturday 8 August 2009

Sok Sopheach, KMF 1st Assistant, watches Chuon Samnang direct Duch on Trial aided by CTN's vision mixer or "switcher"
Saturday 8 August 2009

Kim An Arun (right), KMF Continuity, checks discussion points with the studio team for Duch on Trial
Saturday 8 August 2009

KMF production team shoot the PSA (Public Service Announcement) section of Saving Seca, a TV drama on Human Trafficking
Friday 12 June 2009

Chum Chan Dorn, producer/director, creates a promotional video for MyTV's reality show Cellcard Star
Friday 20 March 2009

KMF shoot three ECCC TV Spots announcing the start date of the Khmer Rouge trials
Thursday 26 February 2009

Major TV film, music promo, revoicing documentary - three of the current projects KMF is handling in its busy editing suite
KMF's busy editing suite, known locally as "The Black Hole of Phnom Penh", accommodating three concurrent productions
Thursday 9 October 2008

The makeover includes a new set, new shooting style, new lighting, new costumes, new mix of singers and a new producer.
New producer, Victor Sovann, explains KMF's changes to A1, CTN's popular music show, to the production team and crew.
Monday 6 October 2008

As consultant to A1, CTN's weekly 2-hour live music show, KMF is giving the show a make-over. CTN is Cambodia's top TV station (out of 9) regularly attracting up to 70% of the total television audience.
KMF consultancy team with the A1 producer, Victor Sovann (right), at the re-launch of the live 2-hour music show
Saturday 4 October 2008

Tom Som directs a scene from the thriller Vanished, KMF's 2nd feature film
Wednesday 23 July 2008

Tom Som directs and shoots two documentaries for Epic's Spotlight, a festival celebrating disabled artists
Saturday 17 May 2008

Costume designer - Sieng Srey Mon, Continuity - Kim An Arun, Location Manager - Onze Mardy
KMF staff between one job in the morning and an other in the afternoon
Tuesday 1 April 2008
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