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Time For Justice - drama-docs on Khmer Rouge Trials  
Cambodian people waited for a long time for the Khmer Rouge trials to start - which they eventually did in March 2009.

To explain the complicated background to the trials, the British Embassy in Phnom Penh commissioned KMF to make three films.

Their main use was for Outreach, a series of free public screenings to the public in towns and villages.

The first two films, What Did They Do? and How Will They Be Held To Account? telling their stories through a fictitious family, were seen
by thousands of people across the country before the first KR trial began.

They were also screened on CTN, Cambodia’s most popular TV channel, and the state broadcaster, TVK.

The third film, Why Are We Waiting For The Trials? explains the frustrating delay the before the defendants were brought into a public courtroom.

Mixing fact with fiction

KMF’s costume designer, Srey Mom, in action

KMF believes rehearsals are vital
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