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Fusean KMF’s Chum Chan Dorn welcomes FUSEAN producers Juliana Jumali plus colleagues arriving at Phnom Penh from Singapore 6 January 2008

  In December 2007, KMF won a contract for a 30-minute documentary for Screenbox Productions, Singapore shooting in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Extract from initial enquiry from Screenbox
We are making a Channel News Asia programme entitled FUSEAN airing in February 2008.

Spanning South East Asia, FUSEAN is a unique musical and cultural experience. Ten youths with musical aspirations will each visit a country to discover more about ASEAN through music. They will bond during their cultural journey of discovery, instilling an ASEAN spirit amongst themselves. Through music’s power the youths will share their insight of what it means to be ASEAN.

In Cambodia, we will feature CLA (Cambodian Living Arts) and one of its members, Kavich Tung. He’s been studying at CLA for 5 years and is now a master of the takhe. He will play host to a young musician from Indonesia, educating him on Cambodia’s rich musical history.

We would like enquire about KMF’s services for this programme.
                          KMF team film FUSEAN in Siem Reap
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