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Facing the Truth  

Facing the Truth, a 25-minute TV drama, dealt with the importance of HIV tests for pregnant women and their husbands.

The client was Cambodia's NMCHC (National Maternal & Child Health Centre).

Concept, outline and script were developed by KMF in consultation with the client and medical consultants from the USA and the UK.

The video, filmed around Phnom Penh over 6 days, is still being shown be shown at Cambodian hospitals and health centres. It was screened several times on the main TV channels.

The concept, story outline and early script were subject to a pre-test exercise with groups of the target audience in three provinces.

Comments and suggestions from the participants were incorporated into later drafts of the script.

The completed production, a 100% Khmer version and one with English subtitles, was delivered at the beginning of April.

Franc Priot, Deputy Director of the French Film Commission, Paris, and Aurélie Chenet, Bophana Film Centre, visit the set of Facing the Truth   KMF team on location at Takmao Hospital
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