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New Look for CTN's AI music show  

KMF brought A1 Concert new stars, costume design, hand-held cameras and much more.

CTN is Cambodia's most popular TV channel by far, at peak times attracting more than 75% of the country's TV audience of 11 million viewers
CTN, Cambodia's most popular channel by far

AI Concert, a live two-hour music show, has been running on CTN, Cambodia's top TV channel, for five years.In July 2008, CTN engaged KMF to devise a complete overhaul for the show.

A new set was designed; new superstars and variety acts were introduced together with rehearsals for singers, dancers and MCs. A warm-up comedian was engaged to energise the studio audience during the 8-minute long commercial breaks.

AI's re-launch was on Sunday 12 October; the show developed and honed over the following three months.


The new look included a re-designed set to emphasise star stage entrances ...

... dynamic new camera angles ...

... audience connection and participation ...

... warm-up comedian ...

... enhanced band presence ...

... and, above all, entertainment.

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