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UPSIDE DOWN - TV comedy for CTN  
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  • Upside Down cast: Sara Chentra, Saray Sakana, Kong Sakada, Nop Sophorn, Ngil Savrei, Thorn Leakhena, Chea Vanarith, Peng Poh ('Tomato')

    Upside Down, a brand-new TV comedy, was commissioned from KMF by CTN, Cambodia's top television station.

    13 half-hour episodes were ordered; broadcasts started Saturday 10 January 2009.

    Upside Down was a key pillar in CTN's schedule for its new youth channel, My TV, launched in the first week of the New Year.

    Upside Down's format was "sketch": a group of actors play many different roles in short unconnected scenes. ‘Short’ meant sketches between fifteen seconds and three minutes.

    This comedy format had never been seen before on Cambodian television. Within a couple of weeks of broadcasts starting, other Cambodian comedy acts started 'borrowing' its material.

    Young Khmer audiences seemed to take to Upside Down. So much so that MyTV ran repeats of the episodes several times, before CTN, the parent channel, gave the show a mainstream run at peaktime on Friday evenings.
    Upside Down behind-the-scenes 1
    ' arrival

    Upside Down Greeeeen team get ready to be funny
    Upside Down behind-the-scenes 2
    ' arrival

    Nop Sophorn's 'Phone Ear' sketch could become a classic
    'Wedding Guards' sketch
    ' arrival

    Chea Vanarith's rubber face - essential for comedy sketches
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