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Three one-minute TV spots for children about “Respect The Law”: this was the brief given to KMF by CLEC (Community Legal Education Center).

With education experts’ advice, KMF helped CLEC define its audience, particularly its age range, identified areas to raise the target group’s interest, and the selection was made.

A KMF focus group survey on 60 children, urban and rural, sharpened concepts before scripts were written and production began.

The spots aired 60 times each over a four-week period on CTN prime children’s slots.

Though no end study was conducted, feedback from schools, teachers and parents was excellent, reports of children parroting the spots’ tagline “Everyone should stick to the rules – Especially You” arrived weeks after the spots finished their run.

Director Tom Som gives his all to enthuse the actors

Actor Pov Kisan picks up Tom’s energy

Results on camera
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