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AIRWAVES TV drama series  
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  • Following spectacular audience figures when first shown on CTN, AirWaves has a second run on another popular Cambodian channel, TV3.

    The new time slots – Saturdays and Sundays at 9.30 p.m. – guarantee a fresh audience for the 50 episodes. High school and university students, normally studying at 7.30 during weekdays (when AirWaves played on CTN), can now tune in.

    KMF is now re-packaging AirWaves for TV3. The show runs to mid-June 2011, when funding (US State Department) may be in place for a second series.

    Lead director Tom Som directs a complicated Airwaves scene from Episode 17 in a central Phnom Penh 'penthouse'.
    13  June 2010

    Director Chum Chan Dorn and production team review a dramatic scene for Airwaves, the climax of Episode 25 - midway through the series
    7  July 2010

    First day's shooting in a Muslim area of Phnom Penh at the Chroy Changva mosque
    3  March 2010

    Second day's shooting at the Chroy Changvamosque where dozens of local Chams were employed as 'extras'
    4  March 2010

    First assembly of AirWaves Cast: L to R 'Vicheka', 'Farina', 'Socheat', 'Vattana', 'Samnang', 'Bopha', 'Sokhum', 'Sary', 'Leap', 'Mei', 'Dara' & 'Chantha' (seated)
    22  February 2010

    AirWaves writer, Matt Baylis, researching Cambodia's Cham communities
    27  August 2009

      AirWaves is a 50-episode TV drama series funded by the Colorado-based US organisation i2Si. Devised to attract a mass Cambodian audience, the show will be modern, bright and entertaining.

    Its theme is good relations between different sections of the community, particularly between Khmers and Chams (Cambodian Muslims).

    One aim is to highlight social problems besetting many Cambodians: crime, drugs, gangs, gambling, as well as other potential dangers, such as religious radicalism, itself engendered through recruitment of naive and unsuspecting youngsters.

    i2Si selected KMF to devise and produce AirWaves based on the quality and range of social dramas the company has created since inception in 2006.

    KMF has arranged twice-weekly peaktime broadcasts for AirWaves with CTN, Cambodia’s top TV channel. Broadcasting started on Monday 28 June 2010. Episodes are shown twice-weekly at peaktime, on Mondays and Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. Together with the repeats on Saturdays at 9.00 a.m., the series has the potential of attracting total audiences of up to three million for each episode - around 20% of the population.

    Experienced British TV drama storyliners and writers are currently scripting the show. Episodes are being translated into Khmer by the KMF team.

    Senior leaders of Phnom Penh's Cham community are advising KMF on Cambodia's Islamic culture.

    Production started in Phnom Penh in February 2010 and runs until November.

    i2Si's CEO Roy Schmadeka (blue shirt) celebrates signing the AirWaves contract with KMF production team in Phnom Penh
    18 August 2009

    A Cham community in Phnom Penh
    2 December 2009
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