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TV Spots for the ECCC  

KMF production team film a master shot outside the main court building
15 January 2009

People from ten Cambodian provinces with be interviewed about their reactions to the start of the trials.
Driver Lim Youleap & director Onze Mardy set off on the seven-day trip
18 January 2009
 KMF was commissioned to make three one-minute TV spots by the ECCC, Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia.

They informed Cambodians that the Khmer Rouge trials had started; that all were welcome to attend; that admission was free. They pinpointed the court's location.

The concept involved a series of 'Vox Pop' interviews across the country, with random Cambodians across all ages, occupations and social classes.

The Spots aired nationwide in a two-month campaign as the trials began in March 2008.
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