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  CAFEspace"He'd heard that lions never eat unless they face the world ... " Go

Matthew Robinson's


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read by Mark Lewis Jones

  WITHOUT WHOMspace"Sidney Capon died last week, clocked an obit par today ... " Go

  GIRLS IN A LITTLE BLACK DRESSspace"Morning - the girl in a little black dress stared ..." Go

  SNATCHspace"Young man, do not wait on platform five holding unguarded roses ..." Go

  FACE ACROSS THE SKYspace "Last night, I saw what no one else had seen ..." Go

  ONE FORTY FOURspace"Dead of the night, one forty three ..." Go

  MY ONE AND ONLY LIEspace"By the time this story ends, my friends, I hope you do not die ..." Go

  SONG PHNOMspace"How to explain your sudden tears were joyful pain ..." Go

  SLEEP OF THE GENIUSspace"Did J S Bach know, as he wrote his Art of Fugue, ..." Go

  ROCHESTER ROWspace"Rochester Row, Rochester Row, awning's up, shutter's low ..." Go

  MAISIE PERKINSspaceVerse for Millie Perkins aged 3 Go

  GROWING PAINS spaceVerse for a plant  Go

  THOUGHT FOR THE DAY / WEEK / WEEKENDspaceVerse posted at The Critical Poet forum Go

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